Other Sites

Check out these other great product websites brought to you by us.

PinTheJunkOnTheHunk.com – Pin The Junk on The Hunk Game – Like pin the tail on the donkey but different.

MisterStud.com – The Mister Stud Inflatable Doll is fun for bachelorette parties and other silly events where you need an inflatable male doll. 

Dirty Minds Game.com – The Dirty Minds Game is Quite Fun it allows your friends to show their true perverted thoughts as they fail repeatedly to answer easy questions because their mind is focused on sex, sex, sex.

DickTarts.com – Dick Tarts are little mints in the shape of dicks. 

CaptainPecker.com – The Internet home of the Captain Pecker, which is a six foot tall inflatable penis. It’s a classic! 

WhatTheFuckGame.com – A silly word and trivia game that everyone will enjoy. The best-selling game in the category. 

DickHeadHoopla.com – The Dick Head Hoopla game is a fun and raunchy game to play at a bachelorette party.